jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

Lost & found: the comfort zone

Carnival Águilas
It seems strange how my last blog post already is five weeks ago. I had been in Murcia for only two weeks then, and had experienced so much already! Now, it feels like I´ve been in Spain for a lot longer than just a couple of weeks, and there is a lot to write about! Since losing my comfort zone somewhere on Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, I´ve not missed it a single bit. I face new things with the least possible expectations and an open mind, and so far, it´s working out good!

To start with Carnival, for example. In The Netherlands, I normally let the festivities, typical music and costumes pass by without any participation, and I never felt like I missed out on anything. But this time, things were going to be different.

domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Life in Murcia. New Season, New Episode

Murcia Cathedral
On the 19-th of February in the morning after a very long trip I finally arrived at the airport of Alicante or so called aeroport d’Alacant en Valenciano with sky-high mood and “Limbo” in my headphones. Although my trip was rather tiring I was a way too excited and full of enthusiasm, so once I stepped out of the plane, I went running to grab my luggage from the recogida de equpaje (baggage claim) and get out to the sunny city. At the exit I was warmly met by Sonia and Antonia, who were patiently waiting for my arrival, holding a big paper with my name on it.
Y, ahora, ¡Bienvenido a España! Land of contrasts, wine and olive, orange trees, corrida de toros, Spanish music and bailes de Flamenco,  Meditarrenean beaches, picturesque places and a lot more to add to the list, but now we are in Murcia, south-east of Spain, a university town with a great number of students.

My new life was awaiting me in Murcia, the city Antonia drove me to from Alicante airport. The first impressions were all about weather. Hoot !! Taking off my warm jacket I was getting ready to enter the capital city of la Comunidad de Murcia as they call it here.